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Shack Santé is THE new revolutionary way of shopping for superior quality supplements. Each powdered product is sold in bulk. No more 5 pound buckets! At the Shack, we make your own personalized mix. Choose your quantity, your flavors, and even mix and match your supplements in order to obtain your own optimal mix.


Shack Santé Bar à Suppléments


Founded by Joey Scarpellino, Shack Santé is much more than a simple “Supplement Shop”. It is a lifestyle, an experience. Joey have understood with his experience and years of accumulating information from dozens of health care professionals, that there is no ONE secret recipe or diet to being healthy. Health varies by individual cases. We all have different needs and lifestyles, and this is exactly why Shack Santé was born. The Shack offers high-quality services and products fabricated in Quebec, personalized to YOUR very specific needs.


Our mission: educate our clientele in adopting a healthy lifestyle. 


Shack Santé Shake

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